Engineer's Try Squares- A Grade
Bevel Edge Squares
Adjustable Try Squares
Knife Straight Edges
Degree Protractor
Degree Protractor-Cum-Depth Gauge
Steel Rules
Pocket Rule
Depth Gauges
Wire Gauges
Centre Gauge
Bore (Taper) Gauges
Screw Pitch Gauges
Radius Gauges
Feeler Gauges
Screw Cutting Gauge
Spring Calipers & Dividers
Firm Joint Calipers & Dividers
Firm Joint Jenny (Odd Leg) Calipers
Wing Compasses (Arm Dividers)
Engineer's Steel Parallels
Angle Plates- Plain
Angle Plates- Slotted
Adjustable (Swivel) AnglePlates
Tilting Tables
Surface Plates- Cast Iron
Surface Plates- Granite
C. I. Vee Blocks with Clamps
Steel Vee Blocks with Clamps
Surface Gauges Fixed
Adjustable Surface Gauges
Universal Surface Gauges
Toolmaker's Surface Gauges
Dial Comparator Stands
Micrometer Stands
Edge Finders & Centre Finders
Wiggler or Centre Finders
Precision Sine Bars
Steel Beam Trammels